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hahahaha nothing can be that bad boet!    2015-04-15 14:53:47
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Thanks BM, for a while there I thought m...   2015-04-14 19:18:05
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Thanks BM.   2015-04-13 13:50:23
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Ok everything is working again on BFSA t...   2015-04-13 09:53:13
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Nuked another spammer   2015-03-20 20:14:22
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Bass Fishing South Africa

ABOUT BFSA - Bass Fishing South Africa is an interactive online community for bass fishing enthusiasts locally and from abroad. BFSA is creating the ultimate bass fishing information resource. Become part of the "sharing and caring" community and instantly improve your bassing knowledge & skills.

BFSA provides in depth information on bass fishing in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique for both dedicated bass anglers and those new to the sport. BFSA is run by bass anglers for bass anglers, it includes the most active and popular discussion forum in the country, information on the top bass fishing destinations, lakes and rivers in South Africa and beyond its borders and quality accommodation for bass anglers and their families.


Latest Wall Posts

Ok everything is working again on BFSA the way it should. Thanks and sorry for the issues.

Monday 13th April 2015 (09:53:13)
Thanks BM.

Monday 13th April 2015 (13:50:23)
Thanks BM, for a while there I thought my life is going to crash like the Sharks.

Tuesday 14th April 2015 (19:18:05)
hahahaha nothing can be that bad boet!

Wednesday 15th April 2015 (14:53:47)
Spammer glsastri123 Nuke the bastard!!!!

Friday 20th March 2015 (14:12:00)

Friday 20th March 2015 (14:13:31)
Mooi man!

Friday 20th March 2015 (14:52:03)
Nuked another spammer

Friday 20th March 2015 (20:14:22)
The good times seem to be walking away. Talks of another interest rate increase as the Rand approaches R12.50 to the US$ and suggestions of up to a R2/litre fuel price increase in April. Plus we just got a 1% income tax increase. Sigh!

Wednesday 18th March 2015 (09:07:44)
I feel your pain Kassie....

Thursday 19th March 2015 (21:04:50)
1% interest rate hike and all the while our president earns the fourth highest salary of world leaders. More than David Cameron, Engela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. And remember:he gets this for the rest of his life!

Thursday 19th March 2015 (21:10:23)
Oh - and Eskom has applied for another 25% price hike to raise tariffs from next month.

Friday 20th March 2015 (09:15:44)
With all this bad news I think I will just go fishing

Friday 20th March 2015 (12:18:41)
Major spam alert. Admin needs to do some killing.

Sunday 8th March 2015 (10:34:41)
Hey Jeremy, sometimes admin also fish on weekends.....haha. Bergie nuked them.

Monday 9th March 2015 (10:19:29)
I nuked them. lol. Bergie was sleeping

Monday 9th March 2015 (14:06:13)
They are back...Black Magic.

Tuesday 10th March 2015 (08:38:44)
Maybe the Shark supporter should call that number cause only some black magic can save them lol

Tuesday 10th March 2015 (08:57:27)
I used a little of my own black magic and it seemed to work!

Tuesday 10th March 2015 (09:04:05)
Sean Murphy
If that fortune teller could start his spamvert with an accurate fishing forecast, maybe we would let him stay. ;-)

Tuesday 10th March 2015 (11:29:17)
Ek voel n nuwe PB aan die kom more!!!

Saturday 7th March 2015 (11:26:51)
Where are you planning on hooking you PB?

Saturday 7th March 2015 (14:41:52)
heading off to vygeboom dam in durbanville bright and early

Saturday 7th March 2015 (14:50:27)


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