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Eggs come in half dozens minimum.....   2014-09-29 17:55:30
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There can be ONLY one!   2014-09-29 16:03:29
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Only one........   2014-09-29 16:01:49
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Who me...I have a photo of a broken egg ...   2014-09-29 14:57:56
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Compiling their cvs   2014-09-29 14:57:35
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Latest Wall Posts

Jake White says...................Abandon ship..........!!!

Monday 29th September 2014 (14:15:06)
Is that why Nav and Ninja are so quiet?

Monday 29th September 2014 (14:44:23)
Compiling their cvs

Monday 29th September 2014 (14:57:35)
Who me...I have a photo of a broken egg on my head that says I am now Wee Pee ;-)

Monday 29th September 2014 (14:57:56)
Only one........

Monday 29th September 2014 (16:01:49)
There can be ONLY one!

Monday 29th September 2014 (16:03:29)
Eggs come in half dozens minimum.....

Monday 29th September 2014 (17:55:30)
Gah! Wife away for weekend -> TWK = lumpy + wet

Friday 26th September 2014 (12:40:43)
Whhhaaaatttt!! No poortjies?? lol. Enjoy boet.

Friday 26th September 2014 (12:56:16)
Ok sports fans! Have a good weekend. If you driving to Montague, drive safe... otherwise see you in the morning bright and early for the comp!

Friday 26th September 2014 (12:55:50)
Thinking of taking the boat to Poortjies on Saturday! Any advice?

Monday 22nd September 2014 (17:59:34)
HAHAHAHAHA - Stir that pot!

Monday 22nd September 2014 (18:07:47)
I thought it was your idea!!!

Monday 22nd September 2014 (19:17:42)
Yes my advice is rather not to come 35 + kick boaters wont be interested in watching your casting practice!!!

Tuesday 23rd September 2014 (07:45:01)
At least you wont have to worry about the 15, 20, or 30min time penalty for the trolling motor...

Tuesday 23rd September 2014 (08:01:38)
No, Roy's right. I should rather go tomorrow to avoid the embarrassment.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014 (08:06:42)
Howzit guys, has anyone fished Klein Bottelary lately?

Saturday 20th September 2014 (17:01:11)


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