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You chaps must use those choppers whilst...   2015-03-02 15:04:59
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its crazy boet. hope it gets under contr...   2015-03-02 14:04:48
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Hectic stuff happening in and around Cap...   2015-03-02 12:55:28
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I have had great fun catching SM yellows...   2015-03-02 07:20:10
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Let us know about the smallies...   2015-03-01 20:22:19
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Hectic stuff happening in and around Cape Town! Fires out of control. Homes and buildings being destroyed. People being evacuated. Eish!

Monday 2nd March 2015 (12:55:28)
its crazy boet. hope it gets under control soon.

Monday 2nd March 2015 (14:04:48)
You chaps must use those choppers whilst you can as they need to come our side by May. Really is hectic and unfortunate down there at the moment.

Monday 2nd March 2015 (15:04:59)
Im off to hit some maiden waters for a week tomorrow. Sterkfontein dam, staying in what is apparently very nice accommodation, Qwantani Lodge. Ill be thinking of you guys at work :)

Sunday 1st March 2015 (19:31:22)
Let us know about the smallies...

Sunday 1st March 2015 (20:22:19)
I have had great fun catching SM yellows on pattern, a CDC Elk Hair caddis... Just be careful of the weather...dangerous dam that...

Monday 2nd March 2015 (07:20:10)
Where do the Bulls players stay when they play in Bloem? At home with their parents of course...

Friday 27th February 2015 (18:00:06)
haha i think every team has players who stay with their parents in bloem. ons is mos n rugby speler fabriek....

Saturday 28th February 2015 (12:54:46)
Good luck to everyone fishing the comp tomorrow. Tight lines. See you freaks later...

Friday 27th February 2015 (12:14:59)
Ja jong. Some of us have financial year end and that is the end of the fishing..

Friday 27th February 2015 (13:51:01)
I see not much was said by the Sharks and Bulls supporters this week? I wonder Why!!!

Thursday 19th February 2015 (12:12:09)
Easy... this is not ;-)

Thursday 19th February 2015 (15:18:20)
vrystaat! :D

Friday 20th February 2015 (01:25:24)
That is exactly the response I expected from a sharks supporter Rob. hahahahaha

Friday 20th February 2015 (11:30:15)
Early days ......

Friday 20th February 2015 (12:32:39)


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