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Good Day to all, I want to try kwaggaskl...   2014-09-02 13:26:21
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Good man..shout if there is anything we ...   2014-09-02 08:47:57
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Tuesday's the day, got the parts, worked...   2014-09-01 22:01:23
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Toadee,you get the front of your boat so...   2014-09-01 20:26:44
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I wonder what happened at Albert Falls.....   2014-09-01 15:08:14
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About Us

BFSA provides in depth information on bass fishing in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique for both dedicated bass anglers and those new to the sport. This website is run by bass anglers for bass anglers, it includes the most active and popular discussion forum in the country, information on the top bass fishing destinations, lakes and rivers in South Africa and beyond its borders and quality accommodation establishments for bass anglers and their families.

Bass were first introduced to waters in South Africa in 1927 when 47 largemouth bass fingerlings were imported to the country (45 survived the ocean voyage). Smallmouth bass were introduced 10 years later, 29 survivors of an original shipment of 55 fingerlings landed in Cape Town on 22 October 1937, their descendants have thrived and expanded. For bass fishing fans this is great news with some world class bass angling to be had throughout the country. Bass fishing in South Africa is on a catch and release basis, please return all bass caught to preserve future stocks.

BFSA is jointly owned by Chris Corbet (website handle: Bassasin) and Shane Crause (aka: Bassmaster).




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