Full Version: Bassmaster Classic 2015 Live Stream
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Spent quite a few hours last night watching the Classic Live Stream through my Playstation's web browser. Good image quality and pretty decent production value. I'm looking forward to tonight!

If your line speed is up to the task you've got to give it a try.
Really great. Would to love to experience this comp live one day!
Busy watching now.

Edwin Evers has absolutely smashed it today!!
Evers and Christie caught the same amount of fish but Christie got rattled when he heard he wasn't in the lead anymore after leading the first two days. He didn't say a word for hours but continued swinging for the fence and it didn't pay off for him. Evers took a chance and travelled 40 miles into cleaner water and won by 10 lbs! It was epic and well........CLASSIC. Awesome stuff.