Full Version: Lowrance Hook4 vs Raymarine Dragon Fly 4PRO
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Hi Guys

I am looking at a choice between the Lowrance Hook4 vs Raymarine Dragon Fly 4PRO.

If anybody has input that can help guide me that would be great. The only difference I can see is the that Dragon Fly has wifi to connect to mobile, which does not seem to add much value.
Hi Mick,

I have the lowrance 4 Chirp unit which if I understand correctly is exactly the same as the hook model. The hook model just has a better processor and brighter screen.

I really have no issues with my finder however I have fished off boat which had the raymarine and the display is much nicer. I just could not justify the additional couple of K at that point for something to look nicer. But let me put it this way, if I could have gotten them for the same price i would have chosen the Raymarine.

Hope it helps.
If you were to buy just the fishfinder version (no GPS), then I would say it is much of a muchness.

BUT, if you are buying the GPS Combo version then there is only one choice - Lowrance Hook4.