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This is a question for the guys who have a fish finder on their kickboat. What are you using to charge your battery? I am looking for a charger, but don't see the need to spend a fortune
I am off the opinion that a good charger impacts the lifetime of your battery in a positive way.

I would look at the Ah rating of my battery, divide by 10 and look for a charger that chargesat least at that Amps.

Any less can be used to maintain a battery but it will take much longer than necessary to charge.

I higher Amp rating I have found impact charge time positively but II reckon could also damage a battery (not sure of this fact...just a gut feel)

CTEK comes very highly rated by the guys that know batteries but they can be very pricey depending on where you shop. MXS 10 is a 10 Amp charger which is a good fit for the standard 100-105Ah batteries. I know the kickboat guys tend to use alarms or electronic gates batteries that are much smaller so you should be able to use a lower Amp rated charger.

I use an AutoLogic changer. I see the same charger has now been rebranded Hawkins. Cheaper than the CTEKs but have gave me very good services since 2010. It does not have as much charging steps as the CTEK but it works fine for my purposes.
Mick, read this and then go to your nearest Auto Zone and ask them to find one at another branch!

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Thanks Guys.

@Navrik, if I was charging a deep cycle battery I would agree, but when the battery only costs R150 I dont see the point in spending a fortune on a charger, rather just replace it annually
Hey Mick, I must apologise boet, after seeing your latest reply it's obvious you are using an alarm / motorbike type of battery and those are tricky to charge. I have done on it on those chargers that have fine, medium, course at the lowest settings so ask around who has one?
I ended up buying a trickle charger from Midas, which seems to be doing the job fine.
Matching the hatch - a 2 cylinder charger for a 2 cylinder battery, perfect. Glad you came right.