Full Version: Rods, reels and more for SALE
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Howzit guys,

I'm selling a whole bunch of things on behalf of someone else.

Here's the list with prices:


Pinnacle Producer 6:0:1(Fair some wear outside) R450

Casting Rods:

Shimano Crucial 6ft8 MH x2(Extremely good)(Mojo/light texas)(Older/Better model) R1000

Abu Veracity 7ft MH (New, used once and didn't fit personal pref.)(Spinnerbait/swimjig) R950 (These go for 1400 new)
Abu Veracity 7ft M (New, used once and didn't fit personal pref.)(Inline/Topwater) R950

Abu Veritas 1st gen WINCH 7ft6 MH (Brilliant, Cranking) R650)

Abu Veritas 1st gen 7ft MH (Extremely good, Pitching) R550

SPRO Extreme (Brilliant, Topwater) R300
SPRO Henk Simmonds 180 (BRilliant, Pitch and Jerk) R250
SPRO Henk Simmonds 200 (Brilliant, Jerk) R250

SPinning rods:

Kistler LG Micro Guide 7ft MH x1 (Extremely Good, Dropshot/Pitching) R800

Tacklewarehouse reel covers x9 (Good) R80 each
Spinning rod sock x2 R90 each
Casting rod socks x2 R90 each

Guys there are still more things coming, such as cranks, tackle boxes etc soon soon.

Another thing. If anyone wants to comment about finding these products for cheaper elsewhere, I have no problem with that, but please add the shops name, the price, and even the actual website would be best.

Whatsapp/sms or Call on 07one eight950 seven99
Or send me a pm or something.

Thanks guys,
Don't be so sensitive JM, be open to negotiation........... :eusa_think: :eusa_whistle:
I can't do anything about it. I'm just the messenger :blue-smile:
I think the reason why JM is so overly sensitive is that he has already been revved hard on Facebook...

Catch you on water at Clan JM!