Full Version: January Trip. Need help.
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Hi Guys

My girlfriend and i are taking a trip to JHB to visit the family, however we want to make a few pit stops to catch some fish( Mainly Bass ) here and there. our budget is slightly tight so i want to ask if anyone know of afforable good fishing accommodations on our way to JHB. We are from Durban, the trip will start from January 3rd.
I wish I could add value wrt locations where you should guys should fish (from CPT) .. but I would like to say "marry that girl"!

Contact me closer to the time and, depending on your and my schedule and your area, I'll arrange a fishing excursion to the river.

Its a bit mad to make firm plans now as I have plenty on my plate until then, but drop me a PM closer to the time and we can try make a plan for you.