Full Version: Soft bait tackle box
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Who can help?

I remember that some tackle boxes affect soft baits, and melt them. I have forgotten what plastic that might be.
It it the Strike King and Zman products. If you mix them with any other plastic or leave them in the sun too long they "melt"

They are however very strong and caught lots of fish in a single plastic.

Both my bass over 3kg have been caught on Strike King Ztoo plastics.
Thanks, the reason for asking is that I'm designing a tackle box and want to be sure what plastic not to use.
Morning Bassion. I take it you are actually referring to the type of plastic from which the tackle box is made from?
Yep that's correct
I've put many different brands (just not Strike King or Z-Man) of soft plastics in several types of no-name-brand cheapie plastic tackle box trays and nothing has ever happened to either the lures or the boxes.
Thanks guys, will show pics soon when complete. And you guys can let me know what you think. It's going to be a completely unique storage system, modular, as Well as interchangeable, also space wise ideal for Kick boat.
And this exactly what happens when you store ElaZtech plastics with "normal" plastics...........from my own tackle box tray!
The other plastics are now hard as rock.