Full Version: TWK warning
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Anybody going to TWK should be aware that launching is now very difficult. I was there this morning and had to abort my trip because I was unable to get my boat in the water.

The slipway is high and dry and ends with a high step so it's out of action.

The bank to the right of the slipway is mud. I sank the back wheels of my trailer as they entered the water, luckily the launch master was standing by and stopped me before I had sunk all 4 tyres. The bank to the left looks marginally better but I was unable to use it because of a carp comp!

They sunk the tractor retrieving the rescue duck earlier in the week.

I guess I'm waiting for the rain.
Eish, that's hectic.

I read with interest ... "launch master" / "tractor" / "rescue duck". Never seen or heard of things like this at dams in KZN.
Sad state of affairs...guess you will have to head for Bulshoek if you need a fishing fix Toadster!!
Got FLW there on Saturday