Full Version: who remembers the flying lure
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Hi guys..was going through my old mans tackle box awhile ago and came across something verimark was advertising on the market quite awhile ago, they soft plastics with weighted hooks called the flying lures..ring any bells?

Yep, still have some and have caught bass on them........
Caught some good fish with them... Many moons ago...
Yea they came out like over 20years sure they dont make them anymore..
I have the full selection and its seems to be the lure of choice at the moment during the cold conditions ..
Remember watching the verimark infomercials - 1997 - in between classes 1st year varsity
I got them for Christmas when they came out! Was about 7/8 at the time, didn't catch much on them, was prettified to lose the "best bass fishing lure ever created" :/