Full Version: Deep cycle batteries
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Hi guys I want to get a battery for my inflatable boat,  I use a 55lb min kota traxiss, I only fish weekends so I need something that will last the weekend without needing to recharge, what do you guys suggest.
Hi Ismael,

I run the SMF100 and are really happy with them. IMO they are the best value for money. I would highly recommend you also procure a proper charger with the battery.
I have a ctek smart charger, can you tell me where I can  get 1 of those batteries from  in kzn Ginja
Best batteries on the SA market according to some serious testing has proven to be the Discover AGM batteries.

I was able to replace 2 x 105AH batteries on my boat with 2 x 85AH Discover AGM's and they have outperformed any other batteries i ever had and I am saving 6kg in weight on my boat as well.

Speak to John Easton in KZN to find our where you can get them. They are more expensive than standard batteries but perform better and will last much longer
Hi, please contact your nearest Enertec branch for Discover batteries.
Thank you
John Easton