Full Version: Sneaker Motor Repairs
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Does anyone know where one can get a sneaker motor serviced in the Durban area.
What type of trolling motor?

Might be easier to get the parts yourself and pop them in
It's a Jarvis Watersnake 32lb, I also have a Minn Kota 32lb which I have just bought 2nd hand and they they both make a racket when lowered and under some strain.
When you say make a racket when lowered, do you mean it creaks from being old? A little lube will help this. 

If the motor is making a racket when it turns, then check these things first: 
1: Remove the prop and clear any old debris from the shaft and inside of the prop. Replace and try again
2: Check that the prop is balanced nicely. If its not balanced, it can make the motor shaft wobble excessively which will make you think in turn the motor is poked. 
3: If you're good with a set of spanners, you can easily remove the stator shaft from the motor. make sure its clean and tidy then re-fit and bolt everything up again. Make sure the seals are in good nick when you put it all back together. (if you do this, a good tip is to take photo's of the disassembly process so that you can make sure all is good when you reassemble and you're not left with 3 bolts and 2 screws once done)
Thanks for the advise and tips.

I did take it apart a few month back and the screeching sound (not a small creak like my bones from getting old) went away.
It lasted a month or so and was back so thought I would take it to someone with a bit more knowledge.
I will give it another go and see if I can strip it a little further. Clean, grease and hope for the best.
Screaching sound means plastic rubbing on metal or metal to metal. 

Check that everything clears nicely when you reassemble

Go easy on the grease, and use a water resistant one if you can. Too much grease will only attract dirt which ends up like a piece of sandpaper to the parts
Grease... Less is more
When you say make a racket when lowered, do you mean it creaks from being old? 

Now now JfZ
Not everything creaks with age.
Lol.... Dont worry Walter, I fall into the same catagory