Full Version: Inanda co-ordinates!
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Just had a request from Robd, who is on the road, for the GPS and gadget freaks to please put directions and co-ordinates on the site for ppl that have never been to Inanda ( like Robd)..... :oops: 8O :-?

Off ramp co-ordinates, dam co-ordinates etc etc etc....

Shot dudes!!!! Wink

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Robdog is fishing for good spots as he has google earth and knows how to drive it :twisted:

Here is the turn off 29?48'14.18"S 30?44'47.07"E
It is very likely that registered members will get a nice laminated map of Inanda dam when they arrive. All the spots will be marked!
Follow to these cords 29?46'11.49"S 30?45'34.18"E. Turn right and go to these cords 29?46'29.05"S 30?45'42.38"E then turn left. Follow the road and look for the Inanda sign board.
There u go Robd..... The Rob & Rob brigade to help the Rob out!!!! Wink :lol: Wink

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Drew?s Directions from Pietermaritzburg to Inanda Dam.

You stay on the N3 and go passed Pietermaritzburg. After Hammarsdale, you will climb a hill that winds for about 2-3km. Two left had bends and two right hand bends up a hill. At the bottom of the hill, the N3 becomes 3 lanes.

At the top of this hill, you will have to get into the left hand lane and take the M13 split. The first off ramp on the M13 is the one you need to take. It will say Hillcrest / Shongweni or Assagay. At the stop street on the off ramp, turn left and carry on straight along this road, named Kassier road, until you get to a T-Junction at the end with robots. Turn right at these robots and head up the hill into Hillcrest. You will continue straight through the first set of robots, and as you see these robots, move to the left hand lane as the next set you have to turn left and these two sets of robots are close together. The second set where you have to turn left will have Steers on the corner and Blockbuster video and Debonairs next to that. When you turn left, you will be on Inanda road. Carry on until you see the small Inanda Dam sign at Fischer road. You turn left into Fischer road and Hillcrest Christian Fellowship will be on your right hand side. Just carry on along Fischer road. Once you go passed the golf course on your right hand side (don't know if you will notice this when it's dark) then start to drive carefully as you will be close to where the township starts and like Rob Fisher mentioned, Goats, cows, chickens and intoxicated locals are a constant concern.


After the last speed hump, which has a STOP sign next to it, you will head down a steep decline for about 300m. At the end of this little straight is a hair pin bend and there is a sheer drop on your left hand side. If you miss this corner and go through the barrier, you WILL be a part of history. As soon as you hit those speed humps, slow down!! I always stop at the last speed hump just to test my brakes. This hill is a winding road literally cut into a mountain face. This road will take you straight to the gate at Inanda Dam and will take you some time to navigate. Drive carefully and be alert. I don't want to scare people here, but some of the corners will jump at you as there are a few very sharp ones. Just practice safe driving an all will be good.
For those directions you take the off ramp before the one I supplied cords for Wink
Thanks guys, it is as clear as mud now :lol: :lol: I am sure my GPS can use the info provided! 8O
Anyone got the coordinates for the potholes? BEWARE!
dave we live in Jhb, we have built in radars for potholes. Try driving to Witbank dam it's like playing dogems 8O
If you drive into one of our potholes, they send out the mine rescue teams to get you out :lol:
You could even pull over, get your rod out and fish it for half an hour :lol:
Sounds like 'fishing' stories to me.

But seriously!!!! .... if you happen to get there when its still dark .. take care. Rob's report is not exaggerated like some stories I've heard lately!!//??.
(Thanks Dave Wink much appreciated. I have been before and have seen them, very similar to playing dogems here.

I hope you are joining us??? maybe the kzn boys could put some some big red posters out just before we hit them. A couple of months ago drew told us to becareful down the hill and he would meet us before we go down. The gentleman that he is we woke him at 4:15 to tell him we are going past pmb ( I thought i was talking to some oke from china :lol: :lol: ) he said he would meet us just past the M13 turn off :lol: . We met him (bless him) right where we said we would meet then he proceeded to take us down the hill at 180kmph braking only for the speed humps :lol: :lol: 8-) 8-) (our beers nearly spilt) . Thanks Drew your a buddy :lol: .

Davebass I really hope you are joining us at the winter tour, we really look forward to meeting you there Wink