Full Version: Mteri to be closed?
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Did anybody else hear that Mteri will be closed to the public from next year January? :blue-cry:

Apparently they will be converting it to some kind of an Eco Tourism Park? If anybody is in contact with Justin Booth please confirm whether this is a vicious rumour or fact?
Man !

That would just be plain nasty :blue-evil: :blue-evil:
Dont know about Mteri but know for a fact that Nottingham will be closed. It has been bought by some cole mining consortium and they intend using the facilities at the lodge for their employees :blue-doubt:
Looks like its a fact. Received a mail from the Booths about an hour ago. Very sad for the Mteri fans.
Now that is a huge bummer! Well it looks like Swaziland it will be for us then! :blue-sad:
Damm I was talking to Justin at the last compo telling him I really wanted to pay Mteri a visit. Time is running out fast!!
Dont be :blue-sad: people. Africa has its own Falcon. Make your way to Lake Chikamba Moz. Stay at Casa ma cika. And catch bass till you wanna be sick. Spent 10 days there last month. Broke my 12.6lb pb twice in one day. Going back to get me an 18lb soooon. :blue-idea:
Justy do you have any recommendations as to whom to contact for accommodation at Lake Chikamba? I assume you have to drag your boat along or do they have boats you can hire etc? Did you have any problems with locals and the bribes that everyone talks about? What’s the accommodation like?
Just found it on Google Earth... it’s a LONG way from Durbs! :blue-shock:
Rob. You would have to take your own boat up as ther are no boats available. The lodge is quite old but there are some reasonable chalets. The lodge has a resturant and BAR. You can eat anything you fancy as long as it is chicken. Chicken local if it runs around the lodge and chicken international if its stolen from next door. But damn the beers are cold.

We had limited trouble at the Moz border going in. US$ 160 to get my case of John Walking through. It was still well worth it and John Walking soon turned into John Crawling. So hide all booze in the boat.

I will mail you some contact details. I would advise you visit from mid july till mid sept. The monsters are available during this time. Take your own bedding as you might get some itchy scratchy if you arrive on a bad day. I hope they leave it rough as this limits the amount of visitors. It just seems bass lakes are always better when its difficult to get to them and the lodges are built for the rough and tough. But believe me you will forget all the troubles when that line gets the stretchy stretchy.
That sounds good !

I like roughing it every now and again,it ads to the adventure !
Thanks for that Justy... its rustic then... which means wives and kids not welcome... some food, OB’s, Jagermeister, sleeping bag and tackle! Thanks I would appreciate some contact details etc... my email address is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
hey justy please send me all the directoins too i tried to call u but no answer but do u need a visa for mozi still as last i went there u need one 0848402350
Uncle, if you think there is big should see the carp that comes from Chikamba! :blue-badgrin: You'll have to take 12" Dingers for those baies! :blue-biggrin:
Ruffy you know that’s a fine for mentioning Carp… but I’m more than happy to catch a fat Carpasurourus as well… they give an awesome fight…. As you may or may not know my first big freshwater fish I caught on my first bass rod was a 3,75kg Koi (using a meilie bomb rig) and that really got me going… if I’m fishing socially I’m more than happy to catch any species!

Here is the first decent sized bass I ever caught in my life… it was a 1,5kg if my memory serves me right caught in a little local dam from the side.

[Image: Firstbigbass.jpg]

And here is a shot of the famous Koi.

[Image: Koi.jpg]
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