Full Version: Nandoni Dam
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Can anyone please tell me how to get to this dam from Pretoria... Looks like a nice place to fish.

Never been there, All I know is its in the venda area,about 120 -160km from polokwane and has some lekka fish...Phone prilliant bass boats in pietrsburg, they will tel you how to get there, richard and them fishes it often.
Thax August, will give them a call...
PS - If you need a partner...Drop me a PM. I am back in Limpopo for a week
I've been there a few times and its a nice dam. There are two army tents mounted on slabs, which they rent out. The places name is fish eagle resort and the contact person is Ronel 0832761070.
To get there is easy straight up the N1 until about +- 2km before Louis Trichardt turn right towards Elim. At the 4way stop street turn left(a spa is on right and taxi rank on left). travel about 80 odd Km, untill you go past a sign board that has sign that has "police 8km" then turn off to left (looks like a slight slipway road, there is a single pertol pump to the right just before turn off) travel couple of km the entrance gate is on the left handside(dont pay there only pay at rsort). follow the gravel road.

The camping site is neat and at present they are busy putting in electricity. None at present only a generator at night for camp lights. No misquitoes - I know it's hard to believe.

Lots of structure trees sunken houses etc..


Hey SG....

Thanx for all the info, this will help me alot.