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Hi all,my name is Mike and i hail from PMB.Been bass fishing for about 6yrs but off a boat since about Dec.Luv fishing my local water ie Inanda,Alberts,Nagle & Midmar(wat a hard dam to fish). Not the most computer literate person u've ever met & thats why its taken me a while to post some thing. Fished Nagle on Sunday with wife where she proceeded to double my PB. I shall produce a report back soon on the outing with a couple of photos of her monster as soon as i learn how to upload them. Look 4ward to interacting with all,cheers
Cant wait :blue-rolleyes:
Welcome to this family - look at the forums theres plenty of info.

Congrats to your wife and it's good to let her beat you, partner for life :blue-biggrin:

Look forward to the pic's - I'm sure Robfisher will help you on how to post
Hey Mike

Welcome boet! I am sure you will enjoy your time with us. Congats to your wife on her PB! If you need help with anything give me a shout. Thanks :blue-smile:
Backlash5 Wrote:Fished Nagle on Sunday with wife where she proceeded to double my PB.

That is were my bass fishing started, fishing from the side and it can produce some nice fish. The beauty of this dam is that it is remote and under fished. Looking forward to the report back.
ello backlash welcome.
Welcome Backlash. Leka to see some more Shark support on the site. The Capies are taking over. :eusa_naughty:
welcome welcome...
i know you will enjoy it here...our little fishing family rocks
and you learn & grow so much

all the best...
have a blast...
From my side welcome, you will see there is lots of info in this side and everybody is willing to give advice where they can. One big happy family


Howzit boet...Welcome to the Jol Aiiiiiiii!!!! :blue-cool: :blue-biggrin:
Howzit Backlash, welcome to the site. What a way to enter ...... with the missus's PB of nearly 7kg! :blue-biggrin:
Whatup Bru...Enjoy the site
Thanx everbody,looking 4ward to discussing our favourite little friends with u all.I know there r some really knowledgable people(& some characters :blue-badgrin: ) out there & cant wait to learn more and pass on whatever info i can :blue-idea: