Full Version: Greetings from Nam
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Hi all
Have finally settled in here. Will send pics of bass as soon as I catch some!!! When can I expect a Bfsa social up here? Thanks for a good couple of years. Hey Hps, you can use my boat anytime. Good luck to the new and improved Bfsa venture in the future. And Chris, maybe, just maybe you will out fish your wife this year.... Cheers guys
Hiya Dreece welcome back and don't think that because you are far away in Namibia you can be cheeky :-)
Nice to hear from you,greetings to Seadog.
DREEEECCCCEEE!!! Howzit cousin!!! Glad to hear you doing well!

Tell that useless brother in-law to move his ring and take you fishing!! Chat soon dude! :blue-smile:
Awe Dreece........good to hear from u boet, glad u all settled in Nam :blue-cool:
Tell Bergie that.........hahaha..... :blue-badgrin:

All the best bru, to u and the family Aiii