Full Version: Inanda Dam
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Inanda Dam

This is a request for sponsorship for a few items needed at Inanda Dam as well as volunteers willing to give of their time.

• We are looking for volunteers to help police the Resort especially over weekends and holiday periods.

• Anyone coming down to the dam to donate a rock to assist in rehabilitating the shoreline. These can be deposited on the lawn outside Gerry’s Office.

• Sponsor required for a water pump? The plan is to put a JoJo tank across in the proposed Jet Ski area which will achieve two objectives: supply water for the toilets to be built there as well as provide water for the local community’s veggie garden which is a community project that I would like to re-establish. Awaiting costs for this and will let you all know.

• Then a JCB and a 20 ton excavator is required for some earth works… the JCB would be required for about 5 days and the 20 ton excavator for 10 working days.

• We also want to install proper no wake flags at a cost of R1, 200 each and we need around six of them at least.

Signage will be erected with sponsorship logo’s.

If you can help in any way please email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> or give me a call on my cell on Oh Eight 2 Four Nine Zero 0265.