Full Version: Sterkfontein Dam
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I'm planning a week's break at Sterkfontein dam in April 2014 and all indications are that some quality bass have come out of this venue although they have not been overly welcomed in this pristine water!
Anyone with recent info? Is it worth towing the boat up as well? Any info will help. Thanks guys.
Very deep, very big and wind and big waves can be a factor.

Awesome yellows from what I have seen so far in TV shows.

Rip I suggest you contact my boet Wilbul. They got a top 5 in a BETT there a few years ago for some pointers.
Thanks Nav. Lekka week further boet, looks like our drought will break later this week....whoopee!
May you be covered in beautiful drops Rip!
You can even target the yellows on bass tackle.

Check these Yellows on popper.

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It seems you can't embed a youtube clip in the new forum. Here is the link.

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Take the yellows on with the bass tackle. With fly...frustrating. Absolutely detest it. Never again.