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Howzit Guyz!!!

I have a friend going to the Free State near Gariep Dam and he would like to know if there are bass there???? He really doesn't want to do papgooieing, especially if there are bass there.... Also he doesn't want to take his bass stuff all the way there for nothing.... :roll:

Any help would be appreciated!!!


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I stayed at one of those little sheep farm B&B's right near the dam on my way back from Cape Town in January. When I sked the farmer about bass in Gariep dam he laughed and shook his head, then asked me what we would like for supper??!! 8O So I still don't know what that means??? Wink Either there's 'soutie' man eating size bass in there, or absolutely squatt! :lol:
Well.... you're talking in square circles so I still have no idea if there are bass there....???? Sounds like you don't either.... lmao..... 8O :-? :lol: Big Grin

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Fab, at a guess, I would say there must be bass there. A lot of dams were quietly stocked by anglers in years gone by and a dam that size wouldn't have escaped their notice.
Howzit FAB!!

There are BASS in Gariep ...but it is a seriously large expanse of water !! Which is daunting when you've never fished there before. I fished it about 2 years ago ..just for an afternoon on my way down to Eastern Cape. Got 1 fish in the marina / Yacht club on a junebug fluke .. but that wsas it!

Hope this helps

Howzit funkyfish!!!!

That helps alot!!!! Thx very very much!!!! :-? :roll: Wink

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Has anybody fished Gariep since this post was started? It could be a seriously good bassing venue if there are bass in any quantity. That somebody caught one in the marina during an afternoon stopover is encouranging. What could come out of a serious exploratory fishing expedition?
I have always wondered about Gariep - maybe Xavier should do an ESA show there and find the bass!!

The Book 'Bassing Destinations in SA 'by Andre Pretorius does not even mention Gariep sorry no help
I think I'll go up there later this year and have a look see.
not a bad idea, a trip to Gariep should not take more than a day on the road, even with boats. I remember (but from a long time ago 5 years, good accomm. available too.
I have a brother in law who stays near Gariep dam.

since the last post has anyone any info regards catching bass in the dam and areas to go when fishing from the side?
I'm planning an exploratory trip to Gariep shortly, maybe next weekend.
Can anyone offer some advise as to where to start looking for bass on this inland sea?
Sorry for off topic guys

@ Hawkeye where can I get the book you mentioned?

Hi guys

Im heading to Gariep next month, staying for 4 days and taking a friends boat with. Will be doing a bit of fishing in that time whilst the Girlfriend spends time with her family.

Any of these exploratory trips yield any results?
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