Full Version: Possible private spot
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Hallo everyone

My father in law has a plot where his workshop is, it is situated on the rietspruit river / stream ( see pics) do you guys think Mr bass might live there?

I know best way is to go fish, but being a beginner I might not catch anything while the bass are actually there. My brother in law has caught some carp and barbel while playing around with a small rod.



You answered your question yourself. "I know best way is to go fish".

But if you must know just throw a Mepps Black fury no3. spinner. Nice begginer lure and will catch you bass and trout for the rest of your life.

However if I were you, Id give the bass a skip and hit the Vaalriver for small & largemouth yellows on fly in the Vaal river. MUCH better fight. Smile and there must be a ton of them in that stretch indicated on the map.
Had one of those, but my super accurate casting left it in a tree.

I'm enjoying the bass even though catching not going too well, might buy a fly rod in the near future and learn how to fly fish.