Full Version: Arabie Dam 2015
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Has anyone been to Arabie Dam lately?
Looking for some fun Bassing \ Bream with the kids end April.

Any opinions greatly appreciated.
Welcome McThunder - the SABAA junior Nationals is taking place there this weekend so you might battle with info for now. I have never been there but I can hopefully share some info once the tournament is done.
See you there Rip. 6th and final Jnr nationals.
Ok, the fishing was not the best albeit the weather was kind. White spinnerbaits with single or double Colorado blades and baitfish skirts or with some chartreuse. Heavy texas rigged plastics (swim senkos, paddletails, anything with tail action and a dip of chartreuse) cast into the trees and swum back to the boat in about 6 ft. Fish are suspended and if they don't wrap you one time, you might be lucky. Or get it to the bottom as quick as possible and deadstick a bit before applying some action.
Small lipped stickbaits in natural colours too. Very little topwater bite...... Plastics in dark colours with some speckle and off course a little dip of chartreuse. CBC rigged caffeine shad worked for us right up in the Olifants river a couple clicks above the main dam. Also dark Mr Jumbo grubs. Crank bite was off. Rocks, crocs, tress and a drop off seemed to hold fish. Biggest fish I saw whole weekend was one caught on earthworms by locals fishing for kurper! Biggest fish landed in tourney was 2.5 and heaviest bag about 6.5 odd.

Please get Malema to fix the shocking roads in Limpopo..........