Full Version: Letsibogo Trip
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Morning guys, hope everyone is well? Myself and 2 other guys want to plan a trip to Letsibogo Dam in Botswana, can anyone give me some advice, help with some contacts to get a trip planned, suggestions? Is there a specific place that offers packages? As we dont have our own boat. Would really appreciate some help?
Morning Van. Go to forum search on the left and type in Letsibogo. All the results will show - there is a lot of info here.
Last night's fishing program on SS208 was all about Letsibogo and there was a nice aunty afterwards telling you about what was needed ito paperwork etc - but it was difficult to focus on what she was saying

Perhaps try catch the rerun?
Thanks Riprap, sounds like my type of show Kassie :lol: :eusa_dance:
Send E-Bird a pm.....he should be able to assist!
Just take a bag full of white spinnerbaits and 25lb line and you should be fine. Oh, and pearl magnum flukes that you can fish weightless if there's to much "slyk"...

And book at Phokoje Lodge - boats and accommodation are top class.