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I have gone to the FAQ and had a look at this topic but they are all out of date after the new website was introduced. It would be nice if that was made more clear for people who are new to the forum, this still seems like such a hassle.

How do most of you guys handle pics. Do they still have to be below 475 pixles or is there a better way. I can seem to find and spec requirements.
Morning Jeremy. The easiest way is to upload them direct from your PC or external device and then use the "insert" function to place them in your post. That way when systems get purged or a reset happens, both you and the site should still have them. Be careful not to upload too many pics of super high res as this makes it frustrating for uploading and viewing by others with slow bandwidths! Around 1mb is more than good quality and you can even re-size them to 600 or 800p if you like. Max file size here is 2mb per attachment and limited to max 8 attachments or pics. I think the pics are automatically resized to 480 pixels width but not sure.

By using the forums gallery (through your user control panel once logged in), you have to limit the pic to max 450 pixel width before you upload.

Trust this helps.
Thanks Rip. Please direct me to the insert function as I can't see it.
So if I want more than 8 pics in my post then I must go through the gallery route.

As for the 8 pic scenario, probably yes but perhaps we can twist Andy's arm to increase it for your lengthy reports of those "goens" that your wife catches..... :lol:
C'mon Jez - don't keep us in suspense any longer.

We want to hear the story behind that 4.8kg hawg you are bragging with on Facebook :blue-cool:
Josvanheerden Wrote:C'mon Jez - don't keep us in suspense any longer.

We want to hear the story behind that 4.8kg hawg you are bragging with on Facebook :blue-cool:

4.8kg ...... :blue-shock:

Jers no wonder you want to know how to post large pictures and plenty of them! :blue-biggrin:
I went the photobucket route but you still have to have the pics at 475 pixels
Or let Rip do it for you...he is very good !
Rip and I will gladly do in our accounts up front :blue-biggrin:
I didn't realise that photobucket resizes your pics so small. Definitely not the quality pic you want hanging in your pub..............
Blow up one of the high res ones Jeremy, you've been hunting this fish for 8 years now.
No, I resized before uploading to photobucket otherwise the forum will not accept them.
Oh yeah, let me try.
Jeremy, I've got it.
When you upload a pic from your pc or external device, it can be any pixel limited to 2mb and is automatically resized to fit in the forum. If however you click on the pic, it will open in a new page on the same tab with the original upload pixels size.

URL or gallery uploads remain at the upload size permitted by the forum parameters only.
I just checked Jeremy's post. He is still using the old way of adding image with the
[img]image%20rule[/img] mechanism

The new upload attachment mechanism automatically resizes it for your.
Yes but only 8 pic allowed. I had more than 8 so that is why I chose the other method.
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