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BFSA Picasso COTM May 2017

General discussion and feedback of competitions.

BFSA Picasso COTM May 2017

Postby andydejager » 02 May 2017, 16:00

Hi Guys,
Enter our Catch of the Month competition and stand a chance to get featured and win a Picasso Jig and Shake E - Football Shakey head. Send us a photo of the Bass and Angler and include a full report of how the Fish was caught. Winners will be judged on a combination of photo and report - the biggest Fish wont necessarily win, so be creative.

To Submit your entry, either go to and post in our Catch of the Month forum or post you entry on our Picasso Face book page.

Go Catch em and send em in....
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Re: BFSA Picasso COTM May 2017

Postby johannerasmus81 » 18 May 2017, 12:13

1.2kg LMB

1.2kg LMB caught in Montagu on a Green Pumpkin brush hog.. not a PB but still a lekker fight followed by me falling off the boat!
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Re: BFSA Picasso COTM May 2017

Postby earlyworm » 21 May 2017, 13:15

Keep practicing what you have learnt is what I told myself over and over as I casted again and again seeking out that illusive lunker..Another Friday afternoon and I had taken the gap I found in my work schedule and gone down to the bottom of the large hill I live on to go solo bassing at the pond like river in the valley below.I dont ofcourse have a boat but there is a small, old row boat moored on the bank that I take out and practice from.To give you an idea of of the terrain its a small river than runs through 3 large ponds and back into the mountains and on to the sea.In the spring its quite challenging fishing with good fun size fish been caught if you worked hard so considering we basically knocking on winters door I wasnt expecting to break the SA record on this day.Minutes soon turned to hours and without any takes I started thinking that perhaps a grenade would be the best choice of lure.I was rowing back to the bank as the sun was starting to dip behind the montain, stopping here and there along the way throwing a cast or two to try change my fate, I have been practicing my different rigs on soft plastic setups and tried using a small weighted white grub. A few test casts along the side of the boat too see how it moved in the water and BAM! the bravest little dink ive ever caught, he definitely did not want to let my grub go. Saving the moment to remember the lil guy by I took a quick photo and sent him back on his way, I was atleast happy I had caught something and rowed back to shore securing the boat. With a long uphill walk back to the farm ahead of me I decided to have one last go from the shore. One last cast equals five last casts if my mathematics serves me correctly and I knew just where to go.Theres an old massive tree that has grown on the bank and sprawled its branches over and into the water creating a dome like effect underneath.I know there is always a bass lurking around there and once under the tree I soon spotted a few fish just idling below.Well my tackle box isnt anything fancy and although im building up a collection of lures I really try save every bait I can before surrendering it to mother nature and yip you guessed it been abit over excited I cast my weighted orange crawfish over a long branch and far from reach watched it dangle about an inch off the water. I was about to put my rod down and prepare for an akward climb through the tree when the water erupted and my line went tight, fish on! Yes I had a fish I thought and then at the same time oh geez I have a fish now plus a branch to deal with.Leaving my rod wedged in a shrub I climbed the tree along the thick over hanging branch and proceeded to bring the fish up hand line style and carry it back line and lure in tact to the bank.Stoked as usual even though she wasnt a monster the bass weighed just on 400g at 33cm, after release I packed up and called it a day heading home to the farm.As I was walking I thought I might not have caught that big one yet but my trips alone are just as exciting.

I enjoy writing these stories of my experiences and thanks for allowing me a place to share them.
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Re: BFSA Picasso COTM May 2017

Postby BassLightyear » 23 May 2017, 21:09

I would love to enter my 3 report backs:

"Cranking up my confidence (report)"
"SABAA Junior Nationals 2017 Report Back"
"Kickboating the Western Cape report back"
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All my report backs and fishing stories also available on:
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