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Bronkhorstspruit Dam

Bronkhorstspruit has been a well kept secret amongst bass anglers in the know. This easily accessible dam is located south of the town of Bronkhorstspruit, approximately 60 km East of Pretoria. Some excellent quality largemouthbBass have been caught from the dam and it's one of those venues that can produce fish throughout the year.

The water can be fairly stained so lures with a bit of flash or noise are ideal, white spinnerbaits have proved effective. Flukes are also a popular choice, especially when fished around and in the grass that surrounds much of the dam.

Bass of 2 to 3 kg have been caught although the average is more likely to be closer to 1 kg. Bronkies can be a tough dam to fish, when it's on it's smoking, but it can turn off just as quickly, at such times the angler has to work for his fish.

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58.5 million cubic metres.


Yes at 2 of the resorts that surround the dam.

Fish Species Available

Largemouth Bass, Carp, Barbel, Kurper, Yellowfish.


Structure is mainly water grass and reeds, there are also a few trees around the bank as well as jetties and a submerged kraal opposite the main launch area.

Recommended Lures

White spinnerbaits, flukes, brush hogs and grubs / crawfish replicas that imitate the many crabs that are present.


There are at least 4 resorts around the dam with camping sites and self catering chalets.





Contact Numbers

Kaia Manzi Lodge and Caravan Park: 013 932 3130 Kungwini Resort: 013 932 2202

Bank Fishing Potential

Possible on much of the dam.


Accommodation at Bronkhorstspruit Dam

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