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Vaal River

The section of the Vaal River (not to be confused with the Vaal Dam), runs from below the Vaal Dam wall for approximately 40 km downstream to the Barrage. The river is lined for most of it's length with private residences so access is limited. A boat is essential for fishing this vast strech if water, launching facilities are avaibale at a number of resorts, as is accommodation ranging from fairly basic camping sites to luxury hotels and casinos.

The proximity of the Vaal River to major centres of population mean that it's popular with other water sports enthusiasts, bass anglers therefore have to learn to live with water skiers and leisure boaters.

Despite this the Vaal is a great Largemouth Bass fishery and once the angler has overcome the difficulties good catches can be made. Some very large bass are caught from time to time, the average fish though is somewhat smaller.

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40 km.


A boat is essential to fish the river properly.

Fish Species Available

Largemouth Bass, Carp, Barbel, Mudfish, Yellowfish.


Reed beds, willow trees, log jams and laydowns, sheltered bays, lilly pads, water grass and endless jetties and boat houses.

Recommended Lures

Lures with a good vibration are recommended, spinner baits, crank baits, brush hogs and creature baits.


Numerous resorts are available from fairly basic to the ultimate in luxury.


Good at the resorts.


Boat traffic is heavy, constant vigilance is essential, the Vaal River is possibly the busiest waterway in the country, especially during weekends and holidays.

Bank Fishing Potential

Very limited, the river is lined for most of it's length with private residences so access for bank anglers is limited to the resorts. A boat is essential for fishing this long stretch if water. The large number of power boats and jet skis make fishing from a canoe or float tube a hazardous undertaking.


Accommodation at Vaal River

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