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BFSA Kick Boat Trail

All bass anglers are invited to take part in the monthly BFSA Kick Boat Trail bass fishing competition. We will be holding the competition on a monthly basis at venues around the WC and everyone young and old are welcome to attend!

Now you can test your skills against the other anglers in your area and have some fun at the same time! The event will be held on a Saturday or Sunday of every month and the entry fees will go towards the cash prizes for the day event. So the more support we get the more cash will be up for grabs! Prize moneys will be awarded down to 3rd place and there will also be other prizes up for grabs!

The planned events will take place at various venues around the Cape. The venues are still being decided and will be posted asap.

This is a great opportunity to meet other anglers from around your area and have some great fun at the same time. So get your tubes and pontoons together now and sign up to stand a chance to win some great cash prizes!

Prize Money:
* The BFSA Kick Boat Trail is allocated to the first three heaviest bags on a sliding scale.  Should there be a tie for first place; the monies will be shared evenly.
* The BFSA Kick Boat Trail is a Heaviest Bag prize per angler only.
* There is NO prize money for the heaviest fish; it goes towards your bag weight.
* Entry fee is R200 per person.


BFSA Kick Boat Trail Schedule:

Registration will open at 6:15am at the venue and fishing will be from 6:30am - 13:00pm. Prize giving will be at 13:30pm.


2014 / 2015 Season Competition Dates:

27th of September 2014 KBT : Poortjies Kloof 
4th October 2014 KBT : Provost
8th Of November 2014 KBT : Appelweight 
13th of December 2014 KBT : Bulshoek Dam
31st of Jan 2015 KBT : Provost
28th of Feb 2015 KBT :  TBA
28th of March 2015 KBT : Clanwilliam dam
2nd of May 2015 KBT Final : MOFAM


BFSA Kick Boat Trail Rules and regulations:
1.    The tournament will be organized by "", herein referred to as the Organizer.
2.    The rules will remain as set out and will not change unless extreme circumstances. The event can and will be shortened/postponed or cancelled due to unsafe water and weather conditions. Entrant's safety is paramount at all times.
3.    All anglers enter the BFSA Kick Boat Trail voluntarily and at their own risk. The organizers and their officials are indemnified from any personal liabilities whatsoever that may be incurred by any person whilst travelling to, or from, or during the days tournament.
4.    Fishing will be allowed from a float tube (v boat), donut ring tube or pontoon boat only.  No trolling motors allowed. Oars are allowed.
5.    All Anglers must keep their fish in a follow bag/livewell/keepnet during event. Only live fish may be weighed in.
6.    Only fish over 300mm will be allowed. It will be a 3 fish bag. Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Smallmouth Bass offer no difference at the weigh-in.
7.    Please obey the 35m casting distance.
8.    This is a "Catch and Release" event.
9.    You have to be at the prize giving to receive your prize. NO prizes will be kept for collection. Should you leave prior to prize giving you forfeit your prize.
10.    Please do not hand fish to be weighed to another contestant as you will both be disqualified. Only hand your fish to a BFSA official to be weighed in.
11.    Should you experience some sort of equipment failure, (ie...You get a puncture) Please contact the Emergency Number which will be given at each event to give assistance.
12.    Any objections/complaints must be lodged, in writing, to the organisers before the close of the weigh-in station. All disputes will be handed and finalized before the end of the tournament.
13.    The Organizers decision is final.
14.    Right of Admission reserved.


Failure to comply with any/all of the Rules and Regulations as above will result in disqualification...Any disruptive manner of contestants will result in immediate disqualification and entry to ongoing or further events run under the auspices of the BFSA.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you to our sponsors:




Money Trail Sponsors

KBT Sponsors



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