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Rust De Winter Dam

Rust De Winter Dam is located within the Rust De Winter Nature Reserve, North of Pretoria.

The veld surrounding the dam is filled with wildlife, bass anglers are likely to see Kudu grazing along the waters edge. The dam is also home to crocodiles and the odd hippo, which don't always make their presence known, caution should be excercised and remember, in Africa hippos have right of way.

The water varies from clear to slightly murky after heavy rains, the dam is fairly deep towrads the wall but becomes quite shallow towards the river inlet. The dam has developed quite a reputaion in recent years with largemouth bass catches of 3 to 4 kg being not uncommon. It's a warm water dam which is fishable pretty much year round.

Rust De Winter is the venue for several tournaments and from 2009 has been included on the BETT (Bass Equaliser Tournament Trail).

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27 million cubic metres.


Yes at the camp site.

Fish Species Available

Largemouth Bass, Blue Kurper, Barbel, Carp, Yellowfish.


Varied, from rocky cliffs to water grass, standing trees, stumps and lilly pads at the back of the shallow bays and in the river section. Bass in Rust de Winter relate seriously to grassy areas but river channels are also worth probing as is the underwater island to the right of the slipway.

Recommended Lures

Soft plastics, especialy flukes and senko in watermelon and pumpkin seed, spinnerbaits, cranks.


There is a basic camp site with an ablution block near the slipway.




Watch out for crocodiles and hippos in shallow back waters.

Contact Numbers

Limpopo Tourism: 015 290 7300

Bank Fishing Potential

Bank angling is possible in large parts of the dam.


Accommodation at Rust De Winter

Safari Now

Find Rust De Winter accommodation through our online partner
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