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Sad times indeed   2015-03-03 06:28:32
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Enjoy Ninja. Sterkies is definately on m...   2015-03-03 06:28:14
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You chaps must use those choppers whilst...   2015-03-02 15:04:59
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its crazy boet. hope it gets under contr...   2015-03-02 14:04:48
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Hectic stuff happening in and around Cap...   2015-03-02 12:55:28
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wilbul to wilbul
Counting the hours to Goedies now. Navrik, how big do you want your new PB? 3,4,5,6kg? I do special requests for Western Cape anglers!!

Saturday 31st August 2013 (07:31:01)
I will take one of each thx ;-)

Saturday 31st August 2013 (07:55:10)
wilbul to wilbul
Just the other day myself and Rowan planned a trip to Goedies to get Navrik a new PB. That was six months ago. Today there`s only 8 days to go!!! Rowa...More

Sunday 25th August 2013 (11:06:21)
I am starting to loose sleep. Can't wait for this to happen!

Sunday 25th August 2013 (13:19:20)
wilbul to wilbul
Goedies calling Navrik!!! At least when you get back to your country you`ll be able to show the Capies what real South African Goedertrouw Bass look l...More

Friday 2nd August 2013 (16:54:03)
You preach it brother...just remember that IanVersfeld a member of this site recently klapped a 5kg at Theewaterskloof here in da Cape! So Goedies bet...More

Friday 2nd August 2013 (20:57:43)
we might not have big largies or floridas around here but we do have one particularly angry bronze fish that i believe will put the fight of a goodies...More

Friday 2nd August 2013 (21:12:21)
wilbul to wilbul
What da hell is going on with KZN Bett. I believe the Gauteng Bett het sy gat gesien. Anybody hear any news on KZN Bett? Can`t find our Alberts result...More

Saturday 1st June 2013 (09:19:35)
wilbul to wilbul
Ja Nav, off the computer an onto the water jong man. Jy beter begin gym vir Goedies in die spawn. Miskien kan jy n paar Kaapse bass saambring vir live...More

Sunday 5th May 2013 (16:02:38)
Toemaar ons sal jou in September kom wys hoe maak ons daai Goedies Floridas mak!

Sunday 5th May 2013 (18:52:24)
wilbul to wilbul
Howzit Nav! Daar`s net een staat en dis die Vrystaat!!! Burton Francis jou Biscuit!! Nou het hulle nog die SA rekord ook. What`s next, Super 15 trophy...More

Sunday 7th April 2013 (08:01:44)
Die manne was wild. Dink ek gaan 'n paar bekaf Stormers manne more by die werk sien!

Sunday 7th April 2013 (19:09:51)
Nee, nie bek-af nie. Teleurgesteld, ja. Was a moerse nice game. Altwee kante het wel 'n klomp (stupid) foute gemaak. Goed gedoen, Vrystaat!

Monday 8th April 2013 (07:08:21)





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