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Money Trail

All bass fishermen from around the Cape are invited to take part in the Monthly Bass fishing competition hosted by BFSA. The BFSA Money Trail is held on a monthly basis and everyone is welcome to attend.

Now you can test your skills against the other anglers in your area and have some fun at the same time! The event will be held on a Saturday or Sunday of every month and the entry fees will go towards the cash prizes for the day event. So the more support we get the more cash will be up for grabs! Prize moneys will be awarded down to 5th place and there will be lucky draws for various other items and prizes.

The planned events will take place at various venues around the Cape. The main venues will be Clanwilliam, Bulshoek, Kwaggaskloof, Theewaterskloof and Brandvlei although others are also being considered.
This is a great opportunity to meet other anglers from around your area and have some great fun at the same time. So get your Team together now and sign up to stand a chance to win some great cash prizes!

Competition Venues:

The venues chosen by the organisers will be “set in stone” And NO deviation from the venue times or how the venue or “BFSA Money Trail” is run will be entertained, other than by the organisers and their officials.

Prize Money:

    * The BFSA Money Trail money is allocated to the first five heaviest bags on a sliding scale. Should there be a tie for first place, the monies will shared evenly.
    * The BFSA Money Trail is a Heaviest Bag prize per team only.
    * There is NO prize for the heaviest fish; it goes towards your bag weight.

You have to be in attendance to collect your prize money at the end of the day’s event.

Competition Schedule
Here are some of the dates and venues for the 2011/2012 Money Trail season.

August 2011, Sunday 28th...KwaggasKloof.
September 2011, Saturday 17th...TheewatersKloof.
October 2011, Sunday 2nd...KwaggasKloof.
November 2011, Saturday 5th...TBA
December 2011, Sunday 4th...KwaggasKloof.
January 2012, Saturday 7th...TheewatersKloof.
February 2102, Sunday 5th...TBA
March 2012, Saturday/Sunday 3/4th...TBA
April 2012, Saturday 8th...TBA.

NB: The cut of date for fishing is 12pm on the Wednesday preceding the competition.

Entrance Fee: R350 per boat (2 anglers), excludes gate and launching fees at the dam.

Starting Times:
Competition Day Schedule

6:00…Entry and Registration.

Please Note: NO preference will be given to ‘the earlier you register the better your starting number’. Starting position is done from a random draw after registration and prior to live well checks.

06.30…Live-well checks. Please ensure your live-well is checked and you receive a valid tag….NO TAG – NO START.

07.00…Start of BFSA Money Trail….Starting times may change depending on conditions and BFSA officials ruling.

15.00…End of competition…All tags are to be on the tag-board by the sound of the hooter.
All boats are to arrive back between the buoyed area at idle speed. All boats within the buoyed area at the sound of cut-off will be allowed……ANY boats beyond the buoyed area will be disqualified. NO exceptions/excuse’s will be accepted or entered into. 15:30.... Prize Giving

Late entries will be allowed and will only start once the fleet of boats have left and their boats live-well has been checked.

Starting Procedure:

There will be NO mass start. ALL boats will be assisted with a push-off and leave as per drawn number between buoyed area at idle speed.
All entrants are to wear lifejackets at all times whilst under power as well as the skipper to have attached his ‘kill-switch’ at all times whilst under power.
The buoyed area is a “no wake zone”

Failure to comply with the above will result in immediate disqualification.


Please visit us again soon to see the updates and release of the 2011/2012 Money Trail Schedule


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