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Hartbeespoort Dam

Hartbeespoort Dam (Harties) is located 30 km from Pretoria and is therefore a popular destination for Gauteng residents.

The lake has gone through some ups and downs with regard to bass fishing. The main problem is pollution in the form of excessive phosphates and even on occassion sewage, reaching the dam from the industrial areas and overpopulated informal townships upstream by way of its feeder rivers. This tends to encourage algae growth and the dam is renowned for the thick, green, "pea soup" that sometimes covers large areas. On the positive side, authorities do appear to have taken note of the problem and since 2008 remedial measures have been in place.

Despite all this, largemouth bass being the hardy survivors that they are have thrived in the dam. Although the bass angler needs to work for his fish they can be caught in good numbers, 3 to 4 kg fish are not at all uncommon.

Being the destiantion of choice for Gauteng water sport lovers, bass anglers are obliged to accept that they will be sharing the water with pleasure craft of all kinds. The lake is large enough though to make this not too much of a problem, a secluded bay or cove is always available somewhere.

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186 million cubic metres, surface area 20 km2.


Yes, numerous launching facilities exist at resorts and marinas around the lake.

Fish Species Available

Largemouth Bass, Carp, Bluegill, Barbel, Yellowfish.


The structure in the dam comprises mostly of aquatic vegetation, reeds, and clumps of water hyacinth as well as boat houses and jetties, standing timber and submerged stumps.

Recommended Lures

Lures that have worked well include spinnerbaits, rattle traps, flukes, brush hogs and lizards. Lures that are on the dark side tend to produce more and larger fish.


There are numerous resorts offering accommodation from camping to self catering, guest houses and hotels. Most resorts also have good launching facilities.


Good at the resorts.


Weather- the highveld is a region prone to thunder storms, especially in summer, get off the water immediately if thunder and lightning are around. Boat traffic - high numbers of lesiure craft will be on the water during weekends and holidays. Anglers fishing from a boat need to know their craft and be familiar with navigation rules.

Contact Numbers

Oberon Resort: 012 244 1353 Hartbeespoort Holiday Resort: 012 253 0394 or 012 253 2539

Bank Fishing Potential

Bank angling is possible in many areas.


Accommodation at Hartbeespoort Dam

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