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Monthly inter-RSA comp - Marmaduke - 06-29-2016

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to set up a charity driven set of Bass Comps where everyone in South Africa can compete.

Basic idea is you sign up and fish whatever water you can over the set time frame. Pictures of catches are submitted to determine the winner. Winners go though to the “Grand Final” and compete against each other at the end of the season.

I don’t envisage having prizes for the monthly comps but we will have something nice for the overall winner.

You sign up for the season and get posted a measuring mat and sticker.

The “entry fee” is a donation of around R80 directly to the charity nominated by the winner.

To run it smoothly we’ll need a website/page. There will be a few technical issues beyond my very limited web building skills, so if anyone can help with a website build I would greatly appreciate it. It is for Charity so my budget is rather limited.

Keep warm and safe


Re: Monthly inter-RSA comp - jonni - 06-29-2016

great stuff, I'm keen.

Re: Monthly inter-RSA comp - basstastic - 06-30-2016

Haha sounds fun. I also have limited web dev skills so maybe limited + limited = less limited.

Comp sounds fun.

Suggestion: Have the entries submit a pic with a message for their chosen charity in the pic. That way more charities get exposure even in only one is the winner. It also ensures people submit picture of a fish they caught for the comp.