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MOFAM IMPORTANT DATES - Southpaw - 10-06-2016


I received an email from Tosca this morning asking me to pass on these dates that Mofam will not allow fishing or day visitors due to weddings and private functions at the venue.
Please also make sure that the weekend you do decide to go is still free.
These are the dates that Mofam is closed.
14-16 October
11-13 November
19 November
25-27 November
29 November
1-6 December
13 December
15 December
20-21 December
24-25 December


Re: MOFAM IMPORTANT DATES - Sparky - 10-06-2016

So, pretty much the rest of the year then? :eusa_angel:

Re: MOFAM IMPORTANT DATES - Eds - 10-06-2016

That sucks,wanted to go there soon.....any other places in cpt guys?

Re: MOFAM IMPORTANT DATES - andydejager - 10-10-2016

You ever fish the croc farm?

Re: MOFAM IMPORTANT DATES - Eds - 10-29-2016

Gonna fish the croc farm tomorrow Andy,will send report

Re: MOFAM IMPORTANT DATES - Southpaw - 01-30-2017

Hi guys,

Some more dates that Mofam has functions on and will not allow fishing.

17-18 February
22-23 February
17-20 March
3-6 April
12-14 May.

These dates are correct as of today,30 january 2017. I would advise you to phone and check if the weekend you want to fish there is still available to do so.