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2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - Barry B - 10-10-2017

Poortjieskloof on a full moon in spawn!
The competition was held on the weekend of 7/8 October, with the dam sitting at 35% water level. 25 Anglers taking on a two-day comp on this special piece of water in Montagu. We were in for a challenging event during spawn time.

The dam delivered some proper size bags of fish on day 1 of the competition with 7 anglers bringing in over 4 kilos to the scales. Even a massive 5.78kg 3-fish bag from Christopher Verreynne, a Montagu resident whose local knowledge proved to be very valuable this weekend.

The fishing wasn’t fireworks on Saturday in terms of numbers being caught, but some very nice size fish came out.

Sunday was a different story. The fishing was extremely tough as a cold front was busy moving in and only 4 of the 25 anglers were able to catch a 3-fish limit. Michael Eksteen, Dean van Huyssteen, Craig Crossman and Chris Verreynne.

Even a single fish on Sunday proved to be critical as it would boost you up the leaderboard by a few positions!

All the anglers tried their best to look after the fish and make sure we release them safely, especially the fat females that were filled with eggs. 
This time the big fish prize went to Jared Kruger with a beautiful largemouth of 2.4kg.
Congratz to the Top 5 finishers:  
1) Christopher Verreyne (9.7kg - 6 fish)
2) Dean van Huyssteen (7.72kg - 6 fish)
3) Craig Crossman (6.86kg - 6 fish)
4) Coenie Fourie (6.27kg - 5 fish)
5) Jaco de Wit (6.07kg - 5 fish)
Check out the website for the full leaderboard of the Poortjies competition. (Select “Tournament Results” to see the overall leaderboard for the season so far.)
We would just like to thank Ronel Tesnar from Montagu who made an exception for us to get earlier access. Everything went swiftly and we could get on the water asap! Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

Then we would like to give massive thanks to our sponsors this seaon: 
Brandin Walter from Outdoors 365 Equipment for awesome prize packages and vouchers ; JC Smit from Eddlesgass & Tackle for fantastic baits ; Pem Reyneke for the final prize (Piscess Predator Kickboat) ; Aluminium Build for the trophies at each competition ; Brent Webber from BWG for the new range of plastic baits ; Coenie Fourie & Charles Pitout for the cash prizes at Bulshoek for the Big Fish.

Without our sponsors, these events won’t be the same. We really do appreciate it.
Shot for all the anglers who competed, see you at Clanwilliam dam on 4&5 November! 

Christopher Verreynne in 1st Place
Dean van Huyssteen in 2nd Place
Craig Crossman in 3rd Place
Jared Kruger with the Big Fish of the event. (2.4kg)

Coenie Fourie in 4th Place
Jaco de Wit in 5th Place

RE: 2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - andydejager - 10-11-2017

Thanks for the awesome report Barend.

Big thanks to Roy, Barend and all sponsors for making this possible

RE: 2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - Jedski - 10-11-2017

Thanks Barend. Great weekend!

RE: 2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - Barry B - 10-11-2017

Yoh Jedski you must teach me how to catch big fish like that. Goodness! Solid bru  Big Grin

RE: 2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - johannerasmus81 - 10-11-2017

Awesome report back!   Smile Smile Smile

RE: 2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - PDV - 10-19-2017

Well done guys!

Looking for Ronel's (lady at Poortjies gate) telephone number - the one I have just rings the whole time....

RE: 2017/18 Poortjieskloof KBT Comp (7&8 October) - Southpaw - 10-20-2017

Well done guys!
Some really good fish being caught there!!

PDV, Ronel cant answer her phone during the day where she works. If you send her a sms she will get back to you in the evening.