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Freshman - BeardedBassBuster84 - 02-05-2018

Hey guy. 

I've been bank fishing for just over a year and have just acquired a boat. Being from WC, the pickings have become quite slim. Looking for Cape Town based anglers who are jeen to meet up a few times a month for some fishing 


RE: Freshman - Jim_From_Zim - 02-06-2018

Hello Freshman bbb84

Welkom to vis 4rum. 

Western Cape is slightly different to the other provinces where the anglers with boats are all doing divisionals and the odd money trail, where as in the other provinces its the other way around. And to go this route you'll need to be part of a club.

I would suggest that you join up with a club in your local area and take it from there. They will then be best to advise where to go and what to do. 
What area do you live in, in the Cape? 

Pickings are sadly very slim at the moment for the guys in the WC due to the lack of water, so I cant see many guys just heading out for the weekend to fish without making a long travel to get to fishable waters. 

Navrik and Ginga on this forum are both WC chaps that fish comps and divisionals so lets us know the area you're in and I'm sure they'll come to the rescue to help. 

What boat dig you get by the way?

RE: Freshman - Navrik - 02-06-2018

To add what Jim said let us know what area you live and what boat you got.

RE: Freshman - andydejager - 02-09-2018

Welcome BBB24.

Send Ginja a PM he is always keen to fish.

Andrew from Bassinc is also from the Cape perhaps he will also be keen on a fish.

I'm unfortunately on the West coast so a little far to fish dams in the Cape but Clanwilliam could be an option