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Howzit - haggy - 06-15-2014

Hello all - Newbie here. My son and I have just taken the "lure" (apologies if the pun is bad - we are new at this). Will be working my way thru the forum and looking out for advice. We've got a couple of spinning reels and i just bought a bass rod with a baitcaster reel. Kept hearing about overruns and dead keen to experience it for myself :lol: . Tomorrow my son and I are going to try out some of the dams in Paarl (Victoria/Nantes and Bethel). Anybody got any feedback on these? Alternate is to practice our craft at Hillcrest, as its close to home and safe.

Re: Howzit - Rory - 06-15-2014

Welcome Haggy, don't bother with the Paarl dams. Hillcrest or Le Bonheur croc farm in Paarl would be better. All the best.

Re: Howzit - haggy - 06-15-2014

Cool - will pop back to Hillcrest tomorrow and practice there. Other than Le Bonheur, any other recommendations?