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Saturday Social - SteveO - 02-10-2015

Howsit Guys

Would any of you in the cape winelands area or those that are willing to drive further, be interested in a social fishing day on the 21st of Feb. will be my first Saturday off in forever :eusa_pray: and I'm super keen on going fishing. I was thinking of making a day at La Bonheur as I have never fished there before, and then grabbing a cold one or two afterwards? I hope this doesnt fall on the same day as a kbt day or other fishing competitions.

Re: Saturday Social - Riprap - 02-10-2015

Hell man, I clicked on here cos I thought we were going to have a dance and an opskoppie................ :lol:

Re: Saturday Social - SteveO - 02-10-2015

hahaha that can follow the fishing depending on the amount of cold ones consumed

Re: Saturday Social - Foose - 02-10-2015

Hi Stevo

I would definitely be keen on joining.
Been there for the first time this past weekend and would go back again for sure :eusa_whistle:

Re: Saturday Social - PjT - 02-16-2015

So, did this happen, and if so: REPORT PLEASE!! :eusa_think:

Re: Saturday Social - Navrik - 02-16-2015

Last time I checked "21st of Feb" was in the future :blue-cool:

Re: Saturday Social - PjT - 02-16-2015

:blue-redface: Oops!

ps. Good news to those that are going, you have a week left to do the report!! :lol:

Re: Saturday Social - Foose - 02-16-2015

Myself and SteveO will be sure to do a report for you guys when we have been there :blue-cool:

On the plus side I was there again yesterday and caught allot of 500g fish as well as 2 of 1kg :blue-biggrin: