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Kick Boat Team Event - smurf - 08-11-2015

August is 'Womans Month',which to many of us means little except the thought of getting out there to catch a fat pre spawn personal best ! So to all the ladies out there,have a happy month doing what you normally do...cook,clean,deal with YOUR kids while I watch rugby (or not these days !),light the fire and chill the beer,and of course,most importantly,get ready for the upcoming Kick Boat event at Poortjies at the end of August.So it is a busy time getting the reels serviced,rods out of the winter wraps,new line spooled and all those hooks to sharpen.This year I will be taking on the KBT on a new project Kick Boat called KirMit Kick Boats (check the FB page) which will have its maiden 'float' at this Team Event...lets hope the largies are up and about when we get there.
And I am only kidding ladies,most of us would be hopeless without you...have a great month :eusa_angel:

Re: Kick Boat Team Event - Riprap - 08-11-2015


Re: Kick Boat Team Event - smurf - 08-11-2015

Some people got too much time on their hands.But it is a very close impersonation of me.. :blue-biggrin:

Re: Kick Boat Team Event - Riprap - 08-11-2015

It's called google smurf, two clicks, get with the times.......haha. :eusa_whistle: :lol: