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Just Fishing - BassRat - 12-08-2015

Hi All

Some of you may know me others not. I have been a contributor to this site for some years now. I would like to introduce you to my Facebook page / Video Blog page called "Just Fishing". The page has been created to display imagery and videos to do with fishing. This may be majority Bass fishing however will feature salt water too. As the name states it will be everything and anything to do with fishing.

I am a "one man show" filming and editing all myself. I hope to bring a different platform to South African Fishing in the form of Video blogs . These may be filmed on many different subject, anything from how to fish swim jigs to installing new electronics on your boat. I may even post some video of different anglers boat setups or explore there "man caves". I have no specific subjects to cover or strict format, it purely fun and hopefully educational and entertaining.

You can like my page via Facebook - "Just Fishing" or check out the link below.subscribing to the my YouTube channel will also send notifications of when I've posted new videos ... If you have questions or specific topics or ideas I'm open to hearing from you. All in the love for the sport of Fishing ...


Rip you may have to help me here Done and I love this initiative - good luck!

Re: Just Fishing - Navrik - 12-08-2015

Nice one Marc. Looking forward to all the new content!

Re: Just Fishing - abos - 12-09-2015

Love this!!! Looks to be good!!! Cant wait!!! :blue-biggrin:

Re: Just Fishing - Jeremy - 12-10-2015

There are 4 FB pages called Just Fishing so here is the link.

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Re: Just Fishing - BassRat - 12-11-2015

Thanks for the positive feedback. Are there any specific topics or questions that you would particularly enjoy seeing ?

Re: Just Fishing - Navrik - 12-11-2015

Fishing hard jerkbaits or stickbaits.

Re: Just Fishing - Andy ** - 12-12-2015

+1 ... your takes on fishing with jerk baits

Re: Just Fishing - Sparky - 12-14-2015

:eusa_angel: Subscribed.

Re: Just Fishing - BassRat - 12-15-2015

Thanks for the feedback gentlemen.
Remember you welcome to post your weekends catch on the Facebook page. I will be uploading the first video shortly.

Re: Just Fishing - BassRat - 01-08-2016

Hi All

So here Is the link to my first uploaded video. If you enjoy please give it a like and share on Facebook.

Herewith your vid Marc - brilliant. Rip

You welcome to ask questions on my Facebook page, id like to keep it as interactive as possible. Positive participation will help fuel the will to make more videos and hopefully I can share some knowledge and insight into the wonderful sport of Bass Fishing.
Thanks for watching.

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Re: Just Fishing - andydejager - 01-09-2016

Howzit Marc.

Very very cool video
Thanks for sharing the info with us dude.
Keep them coming

Re: Just Fishing - BassRat - 04-21-2016

So we back on track with the next video.

Many more edited and ready to upload. Some great interviews and tips and techniques.

Please like and Share ... Comments welcome

Done by Nav!

Re: Just Fishing - BassRat - 04-21-2016

Someone please embed the video ...

Re: Just Fishing - johannerasmus81 - 04-21-2016

awesome! liked the facebook page.. looking forward to some great content.

Re: Just Fishing - BassRat - 04-24-2016

Thanks Nav - IT specialist. I haven't forgotten you would like a video on stickbaits!
Thanks Johannerasmus81 .. stay tuned i got a great video with Billy Miller and Fighting Frogs as well as the new Lowrance 3D and Shallow Cranking.