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Digital Scale

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Hi Everyone

I would like to know how to hook the bass onto my digital scale?

Through the gills?

I was thinking of getting a weighbag but they are a bit scarce here in Pretoria.

Any other suggestions?
Don't put it through the gills if you can help it, You can cause serious damage to a fishes gills that way. A bag will work, just make sure its wet when you put the fish in it.
I sharpen the point of the hook on the scale and punch a small hole through the thin skin just behind the lower jaw. Doesn't damage the gills and the small hole heals quickly
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I've got a proper weighbag from the UK but before I got it I would just use an ordinairy shopping packet. As Shannon says, just make sure that you wet it first or the fish won't like it! Also chuck it away at the end of the trip as a used one makes quite a good fly attractor.
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It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks… I always assumed everyone put the blunt smooth hook through the gill opening and weighed the fish… I’ve seen that many times… weighing the fish in a bag (which of course makes good sense) I have never seen.
Regards Rob
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I agree with Shannon and have been meaning to sharpen the point of my scale's hook for some time now but never got down to do it.

You can weigh the fish safely via the gills by making sure that you insert the hook flush against the gill plate without pinching any of the gills between the hook and the plate, the risk of causing harm is higher tough, so I will have a "sharp hook" on my scale next time!
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The liplander is hooked to my scale and the fish to the liplander .Easy hey!!!My scale can cancel the weight of the liplander.
I think I've got another solution,

I've got a Berkley lipgrip.

Switch on the scale, hook the lipgrip and reset the scale to zero.

That way you only weigh the fish and not the lipgrip.

Tried it out this morning whilst waiting for Vlam and Jacqjdt and it worked 100%.

Nobody gets hurt

Just too late

:blue-redface: :blue-redface:

Thanks CrankbaitCarl
What brand for your digital scale ?

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