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Hi there , just doing as I am told :lol:

We have been bitten by the bass bug , and are struggling our A$$'s off to catch anything .

We have a 21' bowrider that we fish from , know little about bass fishing , but are having a whale of a time "trying "

We spent the past weekend at Loskopdam and caught nothing , not even a nibble , yet here I am joining you guys .......must mean its too late for us to run

Anyway , any and all advise is welcome and appreciated.

Have a great day guys and girls
Fishing Wannabe
Welcome Adrian, enjoy your stay here on BFSA, you wont be sorry!
Winter was ordered to allow the bass's mouths to recover from hook wounds......Northern strains and smallies are still catchable but it is another thing to catch a florida in 10 degree water.
I agree with Rip Smile Winter is a hard time to start fishing but KEEP doing it, I always say each cast is experience.

If you would like some insight you can look at this post for some minor winter tips:
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It will get better I promise you! Just keep at it!!
"At night when I go to sleep.... I count Bass instead of sheep!"
Thanks guys.

We are far from being discouraged. Not even the kurpers were nibbling. It was very clear to us that it was simply a "dead "time.

It provided us with time to get to know the fish finder and also perfect our anchoring skilzzz.

One thinh we also learnt is that we either invest in a trolling motor very soon or buy shares in Sasol .

Roll on summer !!!!
Fishing Wannabe
Welcome Adriaan and to our side of the madness :blue-badgrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Yip, welcome to the site, winter is generally a slow time.

Try fishing a little slower in winter. A trolling motor is a must. Some guys build a platform on those boats which can be taken out when the family is with for the day.
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Thanks guys.

Floatie , I am with you about the platforms and we are working on that. Our priority has been to source a trolling motor and that in itself seems like mission impossible.

Minn Kota seems hard to find , motor guide is hellishly expensive, which leaves Water Snake.

I have been searching for a template of the bow mount hole pattern etc but to no avail. My local tackle shop was going to send me the agents tel number so I could call and get the info , alas I am still waiting for the number .

ANY help or info would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to ascertain whether I have enough space on the bow to mount a motor or whether I will have to make brackets etc to fit the motor. Fwiw we have 46cm , 18"between waterline and deck where the bow mount will be fitted.

Have a great day guys
Fishing Wannabe
My previous boat was an old Piranha hull skiing boat which I converted into a bass boat and we had to make a flat boltable platform on the bow out of treated timber onto which the trolling motor was fitted and worked fine.
Well it seems I am out of luck. Watersnake SA only have stock of the 54lb 12v systems and cannot say when they will have 80lb motors again. They do not think it will be before the end of this year.

Any ideas guys ?
Fishing Wannabe

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