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Upcoming Southern Cape Fishing Trip & George Dam

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Howzit Guys

I'm finally got the OK from the boss and thus I'm doing my long overdue "Dam-Tour" next week!!!

Thinking of Hitting Poortjies, Koos Raubenheimer, George Dam and Groenvlei and then one or two old dams/rivers I still remember fishing when i was younger. (If I can still gain access to them)

When last has anybody fished George Dam? I used to visit the place every weekend 15 years ago when I still lived in George and Plett - but my line has not touched the water there since then. Is it worth putting in effort and tubing George Dam the entire day? If so anything the fish there like in particular? Also what is the water level like at the moment?

Thx for the info Guys!
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Definately worth spending a day on George dam....
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vat my saam!!!! :eusa_pray: :eusa_pray: :eusa_pray:
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I know Adriaan fishes George dam allot, i have also seen in their local newspaper that they will increase the damwal height with another meter or two, that will make for a large piece of water, please give some feedback on the dams you plan to visit...
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Jade posted a nice reportback a while back on George dam...

I have fished it once or twice from the side but have not had any luck.
Regards Robert Jacobs
All those dams are great. Are you taking a boat or a tube? KRD is awesome, I fished it quite often in the last couple of years but havnt been that side in the last 6months. Last time I was there, it was a mission launching a boat. tight squeeze through the bushes. And to launch your are going to need a 4x4, but its possible to launch with a 2x4.
But there was a couple of guys clearing a patch to make a small picnic area, and if that is done, launching will be much easier.

George/Garden Route Dam:
If you are going to fish from a boat, you are going to need a fishing licence and a special permit from George municipality.. this they only give to club fisherman. Water is very dark almost black, but fishing is awesome. I caught most of my fish on topwater frogs and zarra spooks.
Cool - good to know. Actually going to Tube George dam.. Do you think the special licence is still needed? I've got the 'normal' freshwater licence..
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Cool! Dont think they will hassle u for fishing a floattube in george.

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