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Power Poles vs Xi5

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Hi everybody.
let me start with a quick introduction first. I am a keen and active tournament angler and have been "roofkyking" the forum from time to time. Dont like posting much but with this topic believe my 2c should really ad some value.

Everybody seems keen on the Xi5, and yes it is a awesome piece of kit, no doubt. I don't have much experience on that but there is a few things that need to be said. Somebody stated it hold perfectly in a 6km/h current. That is absolutely true and in fact it will hold better in a current than in a swirling wind condition. Think about this and it will make perfect sense as the force applied from the trolling motor will be much more controlled in a current condition. when conditions are swirly and windy and you are parked in the middle of nowhere, thats when variation becomes a issue.

But ok I did not awaken myself to comment on the Xi5. I have two power poles on the back of my boat. Honestly a few lies have been told about them so far in this post. Although my boat only has a 140hp 4 stoke on the back their weight has little or no effect on the boat. These things are not as heavy as everybody believes them to be.

We have compared them side by side to the talons and the power poles are quieter, faster and holds the boat better. A added advantage with the power poles is that you dont need to remove them to park your boat in a garage. They just lower, and then you raise them once you are inside. With the Talon this process is a little more involved.

Once you have power poles on you boat you will never again own a boat without them. On a daily basis you find new ways to use them. The are excellent to park the boat on a jetty, my boat hasn't bumped a jetty in very long time, in fact I realized a few trips back that I haven't had a rope in my boat for the last two years. They immediately make you catch fish you might have otherwise missed. Although mine is the cheap model with only a 8ft range, don't be fooled, they don't actually need to hit the bottom to add value. they are excellent in grass, regardless the depth and on numerous occasions I have fished open water, dropped the poles down without them locking onto anything and they will act as the best drag anchor you have ever seen.

As for the guy on the back. Never sofar has anybody complained about them and if in fact they do get in the way they easily lower half way and the rear angler dont even know they exists.

Ok, just wanted to share with everybody. Xi5 is definitely not bad, but neither is the power poles.

Both will cost you about a arm and they are both a bag of fun
Great post and welcome Culprit.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Like you say, great piece of kit no doubt, but I don't think this is an apples vs apples deal as your thread suggests - 'Poles vs Xi5'

If I was in the shallows amongst the weeds, then the Poles are the answer.

If I was casting to a deep point in a strong wind, then GPS trolling motor is the answer.
Totally off topic but sorry to hear about your ordeal John!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Warm welcome to you Culprit. A valuable contribution indeed.

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