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SABAA Nationals 2017

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Short on the tail of numerous prestigious bass fishing events of late comes the Nationals hosted at Wriggleswade Dam next week with registration on Sunday 15 October.
The dam is currently sitting around 60% (which is abnormal for this dam) and will be a game equalizer for many. It's also very unknown by many anglers and there was quite a hive of activity leading up to the 21 day closed period.

The weather gods are also painting a gloomy picture but this dam is well known for all 4 seasons in one day. Nonetheless it should be an exciting and interesting event and which can be followed here:

Should the WiFi and weather play along, hopefully there will be updates and pics on the "SABAA Nationals Wriggleswade 2017" Facebook page as well.

Good luck to all competitors and safe travels.
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