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lunkers from the bank

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Howsit guys...hope everyone keeping well..
My question today is how to catch those big boys or girls from the bank..I don't have a boat although I would love to own one...if i did id be fishing every comp and event I could get my hands on...but alas that is not the case hahaha. ..

Ok so I've been at it all seasons all times of day with all types of lures but I can't seem to snag myself a decent monster to call my new PB ...

There are 2 dams and 1 pond like river that I usually go fish but in the past 2 years the best I've got was 650g on a plastic frog last Jan off a deep rise ridge into shallow water

Now I know all the spots to look and what to look for..I'm aware of structure layouts and depths but geeez statistically by now I should have caught something bigger haha..

I check the ous on the site posting their lekker big catches and I'm like what am I doing wrong or not doing at all...

There areas I fish have dropped in water levels drastically and one would think the bass would be all closer together haha...

I must admit I don't often use crank baits and deep diving lures so could this possibly be why I'm not striking the big guys..I know they lazy but how more slower or faster must I reel in...

Anyways all the watering holes I fish have the same kind of structure layouts..e.g. dead trees,lillies,deep water,shallow water,rocky bottoms,Sandy bottoms you get the picture..

My question to the expierenced big catchers is which is the best lure and best place along with best time and weather conditions...

Or is it all just part knowledge part lady luck?

Awesome chaps ..thanks as always..look forward to some advice..only way to learn..

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