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Newbie to Bass Fishing

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Welcome Moz.

Welcome to the addiction.

Unfortunately I am from Cape Town but I believe Rietvlei dam is close to Centurion and has produced a few nice fish recently.

I would suggest joining a club of sort. Chat to your local tackle shop. They should be aware of clubs in your area.

Baits wise I would start with Flukes, Senkos, Grubs, Topwater like a popper, Hard Jerkbait and maybe a creature bait like a craw. Colour wise stick to maybe Green Pumpkin, Watermelon and Junebug. Maybe Black at some point. Crankbaits likes a lipless. Stay basic with something like a Sexy shad colour. Don't go all out and buy too much to start Start with the basic and gain confidence and then add to your arsenal of baits.

Hooks wise Extra Wide Gap Hooks in say 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 should cover you for most applications. Lead sinkers are fine to start off and cheaper but tungsten provides a bit better feel as it is harder than lead.

Hope this helps. Shout if you have any questions A few nice WhatsApp groups also around that you can learn a lot from and make friends to fish with.
Regards Robert Jacobs

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