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Thanks guys.

Floatie , I am with you about the platforms and we are working on that. Our priority has been to source a trolling motor and that in itself seems like mission impossible.

Minn Kota seems hard to find , motor guide is hellishly expensive, which leaves Water Snake.

I have been searching for a template of the bow mount hole pattern etc but to no avail. My local tackle shop was going to send me the agents tel number so I could call and get the info , alas I am still waiting for the number .

ANY help or info would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to ascertain whether I have enough space on the bow to mount a motor or whether I will have to make brackets etc to fit the motor. Fwiw we have 46cm , 18"between waterline and deck where the bow mount will be fitted.

Have a great day guys
Fishing Wannabe

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