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New to bass fishing

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There are a few basic rules/guidelines. Here goes:
1.Try Topwaters early in the morning and late afternoon/eve. Poppers and "Spooks" work well. Also prop lures. I also have a lot of success with floating minnows which I twitch / pull under and allow to come up and rest; repeat.
2. Minnow style baits can be fished throughout the day but will generally produce best in lower light conditions.
3. Cranks can produce well around structure, but generally require a boat to be fished effectively and not get hung up.
4. Plastics are generally the most productive lures in the middle of the day / when light levels are high. There is a huge selection available. My "go tos" are Razor's Dirty Dawg, Dipstick, Mud Bug and Cash Craw. The Cash Craw I usually fish as a jig trailer but sometimes just Texas rigged. The Dirty Dawg I almost always fish Mojo style. The Dipstick I generally fish weightless. Ordinary finesse style worms (like the Razor C-Worm) are also very effective at times. I particularly like to fish them om Shakey Heads.
5. Match lure colours to water clarity and light levels. i.e. in clear water and high light levels go for clear/subtle lures (eg Fire in ice, clear chartreuse, pumpkinseed, Watermelon seed, etc). In badly discoloured water or very low light levels opt for dark colours - eg black, black/blue, black neon.
6.Fish behaviour changes with seasons. When water is below 16C the bite is likely to be slow and presentations must also be slow. When temp is around 19C the bass will tend to feed aggressively. In these conditions a faster/more aggressive presentation will tend to get hits. e.g try a crank, a big curly tail worm on a jighead fished like a crank, etc.
I hope this helps a bit.

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