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Mpumalanga Bass Fishing Locations

The North Eastern province of Mpumalanga (previously the Eastern Transvaal) has a large number of largemouth bass waters, probably the highest number in the country. A region of great contrast, you will find it all in Mpumalanga, from the industrialised West, cool mountain streams filled with rainbow trout around Dullstroom and sweltering African bush in the lowveld bordering the Kruger National Park and Mozambique. The highveld areas, fairly close to the Gauteng metropolitan area consist of cooler impoundments such as Witbank Dam, the lowveld region with its year round warm climate produces the really big bass in dams like Driekoppies and Injaka. There are a great many smaller lakes in this fascinating province, watch this space as BFSA expands to cover them all.


Select a dam or river below for a list of bass fishing venues.


Driekoppies Dam is a fairly new impoundment, contsruction started in 1993 and was completed in 2002.
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Heyshope Dam is a bass fishing destination with a great reputation.
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Injaka Dam is a fairly new impoundent completed in 2002.
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Loskop Dam, located between Middelburg and Groblersdal, approximately 190 km from Gauteng is a large impoundment with an exc...
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Middelburg Dam is popular for it's smallmouth bass fishing.
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Witbank Dam is located a mere 120 km from Pretoria alongside the N4 highway making it very easily accesible for Gauteng resi...
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